Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
    Study skills / Organizational techniques
    Effective test taking
    Creative writing
    Research papers
    Life Coaching
    GRE preparation
    GED instruction
Great Place to Learn
offers assistance in:

    Creative writing
    Writing research papers
    College writing samples
    Complete resumé service
Adult Literacy and Enrichment

We are especially pleased to be able to offer a program in adult literacy in which adults with weak reading skills are instructed and encouraged to attain higher levels of reading and comprehension. These tutorials are held privately with our caring and supportive staff.
Adult Education and College Classes
Individual Tutoring for Students of All Ages
Established 1990
"Thank you so much for all your help and support. It is with the skills you taught me in just a few short weeks that, I finally passed my math MTEL. After struggling with this test for over a year I left with not only the skills mastered that I needed to pass, but also with confidence knowing I could conquer it! I'm grateful for all your help and without a doubt I would refer your program to students of all different skill levels".
From, Nicole
Jessica Barboza 12/17/14
"Certain subjects are always going to be an issue for me. When I had to take the TEAS exam for the nursing program, I knew I would need some help. After calling Great Place and setting up an appointment, I felt a relief, knowing that I would be getting the help I needed in order to pass this exam. The staff at Great Place is wonderful, not only were they very knowledgeable with the material I presented to them, but they were very accommodating with my busy schedule. Laura was my math tutor. I absolutely loved working with her. I felt very comfortable with her, not only was she a huge help with re-learning certain math problems, but she taught me new tricks that helped me understand the problem. I also got some help with English and science, they were also very helpful. My experience with Great Place was a very positive experience, I am very pleased with the services they have provided for me. Needless to say if I ever needed help with a certain subject I would definitely go back. (I also passed my exam!!!! Thanks guys)" Sincerely Jessica Barboza
Hi Deb,
I was very satisfied with Bill, he was tremendously helpful and knew the material extremely well. Any question I had he could quickly answer. The course was Quantitative Methods for Information Systems in a Master's program in Computer Information Systems. I would highly recommend him.
Thank you,