"I am writing to express my appreciation for Daniel's hard work with Andrew on his writing skills. Andrew found that Daniel always kept the learning fun and stimulating. Despite being tired from a long day of school and soccer, Andrew always seemed energized at the end of each session. Daniel approached writing assignments from a different angle and encouraged Andrew to think in new and creative ways.

We appreciate Daniel's time and have noticed an improvement in Andrew's compositions as a result of his instruction. We recommend Great Place to Learn for any student seeking extra academic support."

Margo Mello
College Bound?

Our new one-on-one college search service combines an evaluation of the student's academic/extracurricular records, SAT/ACT scores, and student/parent concerns.

The student is provided with at least 6 -10 colleges based on the criteria discussed as a family. Our certified guidance counselor/education consultant will guide the student through the college search, application, and financial aid process.

This program is for students and also gives the parents peace of mind. The college choice decision is one of the most important decisions a family will make. Our program will ease the stress and complication of your college search, help you make the right decisions, save you thousands in extra application fees, guide you through appropriate course selections, and zero in on the best college choice.

The College Search Program consists of three parts:

Part 1) Search

Includes how to search & compare colleges, graduation requirements vs. college admission requirements, college admission testing, dual enrollment questions and transfer credits.

Part 2) Application

Review the college application process, complete a common application, write two essays. Includes one review/question session.
Learn how to present yourself to college personnel using FaceBook, MySpace, email, college fairs, school visits, tours, and interviews. You'll go through a series of mock interviews, and learn more about college life, dorms vs. commuting, roommates, clubs, and Greek life.

Part 3) Financial Aid

You'll receive an overview of your financial aid package. We will assist you in the completion of the FAFSA form and will will help explore scholarship options.

At the end of the Program sessions, you will have narrowed your selection to the top 5 schools, completed final reviews of essays, resumes, and scholarship information, and have answers to all of your financial aid questions.

The cost for the College Search Program is $1,295. If you prefer, you may choose to attend each part separately, for $500 each.
Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
Great Place to Learn employs well credentialed instructors who have multiple years of experience in the classroom and in test preparation. Bishop Stang High School plans to continue to use services provided by Great Place to Learn to help better prepare our students for college admissions testing.
Kathleen Ruginis
Individual Tutoring for Students of All Ages
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