Southeast MA and Portsmouth RI
Computer Technology
Great Place to Learn Technology Partners (Formerly Technology Growth Partners)
Great Place to Learn Technology Partners has been in the technical education business for over 25 years. After being under the ownership of Tom Coan for well-over a decade, the company was recently purchased in December of 2016 by Deb Ozug, founder of Great Place to Learn.
Great Place to Learn has also been in the education business for 27 years continues to offer a wide variety of tutoring services throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas.

The focal point of GPTL Technology Partners is to provide highly qualified in-classroom computer instructors to teach technical skills to students. These specialized staff are hired and placed based on the needs of the school including such factors as size, grades, number of students, goals, future plans. Primarily, Tech Partners works with private and catholic elementary schools in the Greater Boston area, but are looking to expand their services to a wider array of schools and in more locations.
We cover following fields within technology

-Presentations and Alternative Presentation Tools (Beyond Powerpoint)

-Audio and Video tech in addition to classroom use

-Web-based applications

-Entry level computer programming and coding

-School and program branding

-Creating a school web presence (through media and social media)

-The Google Suite (with a focus on using and integrating Google Classroom)
Individual Tutoring for Students of All Ages
Established 1990