Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
Here are listed some of our most requested subjects for High School.
    Algebra I & II
    General Math

Language Arts
    Reading Strategies
    Writing Mechanics
    English as a Second Language

History & Social Sciences
    World History
    US History

    Physical Science
    General Science

Study Skills
    Organizational Skills
    Homework Assistance
    Test-taking Strategies
    Executive Function

At Great Place to Learn we offer a fun, effective way to improve study skills and learn!
Heather F. 10/18/13
"My son has always struggled with math and had completely shut down. He felt that he was incompetent and was very discouraged. ...His math grades improved and so did his attitude...he actually enjoyed his weekly tutoring sessions and his demeanor improved. I am so grateful for helping my son regain the his self-worth while having fun".
We provide students with learning strategies and experiences that promote their cognitive, emotional, and social development.
High School
"It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I know that Nick has benefited from the help he has received in calculus. Thanks again."
Deborah Scott
"For me, the problem was math...    Although several tutors were very helpful to me, I can't tell you how grateful I was to work with ... I honestly don't know that I would have gotten through high school math without her help.  She always knew what was coming next and whenever I was "caught up" or understood my week's assignments, she would prepare me for whatever was going to come next; she was always right, too, and I was more prepared for the lessons and had less trouble in class.  In a few minutes she could identify my problem and re-explain the math.  I always left understanding the lesson.

When it was time for SAT's, ... was especially helpful to me.  She showed me how to look at the different kinds of questions, figure out what they were really asking and how to solve them as quickly as possible.
Great Place to Learn was good for both of us, because I got the help I needed without pressure and frustration.  I have always been glad that the center was there for me and I would highly recommend it to other students and their families."

Katherine Saucier
Highslide JS
This year my daughter was entering her senior year at Oliver Ames High School.
In making calls around to different SAT prep centers, I literally happened to stumble upon Great Place to Learn. Deb the owner is simply amazing, and calmed my nerves when she told me about their great SAT package. Her tutors were willing to meet some where closer to our home town of Easton, MA. and were very accommodating to our family schedule. My wife has been going thru a major medical  condition and believe me, convenience was essential to the plan.
I believe that my daughter Lily was much more confident going into the SAT's in general. The content tutoring and strategies relaxed her and reduced her test anxiety. We opted for the additional "Guidance" from Kerry for the school search, help in filling out applications, and even help and guidance with financial aid.  I truly believe she made this entire process soooo...... much easier, and all applications were both ready and in way before any deadline approached.  At the time there was a high turn over in the guidance department at Oliver Ames. I feared this situation would affect the assistance Lily would receive during this key year in her college search.  Kerry is "awesome", she is the perfect guidance counselor I wish I had when I was in high school, and believe me this extra service was worth every penny!
In summary....Great Place to learn could be substituted with the following replacement words for "great".....: Awesome, Spectacular, amazing, unbelievable, and Truly special.....Place to Learn.
Thank you to all the staff for making this a much easier process for my daughter, and my wife and I!!!!

Mark Vinocoor
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