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Great Place to Learn Respects Your Privacy
At Great Place to Learn, we respect your privacy and communications to us.
Privacy Policy
Great Place to Learn collects personal information submitted by our visitors on a voluntary basis only. Personal information may include name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. The individual information we collect is used only by us to communicate with you, and to answer your inquiries. We do not sell, rent or transmit personal information to other organizations.
Confidentiality Agreement
Great Place to Learn is prohibited from disclosing the identity of any students eligible to participate in, or who are receiving services without the written permission of the student's parents or legal guardians. In addition Great Place to Learn will not use the identity of any student eligible for or receiving these services for any publication, research study, analysis, marketing or other documentation.

Great Place to Learn shall not issue any press releases, public relations announcements, concerning its services without the express written consent of the parent / guardian. Information regarding individual progress and achievement will be shared with the parents only.

Great Place to Learn agrees to comply with the confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions of all names, reports, data, scores and other sensitive information. Great Place to Learn is prohibited from disclosing to the public the identity of any student receiving services.
Individual Tutoring for Students of All Ages
Established 1990