Southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
Great Place to Learn is approved to work with Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment) Veterans from the VA.
"On my way to finishing up my Associates degree, I began having difficulties. I thought I'd finally catch on but never seemed to. My counselor at the Veterans Administration connected me to Great Place to Learn. Jesse, my tutor, helped me with my math skills. After working with Jesse for only one month, I took my math placement exam and the professor told me I scored higher than the average student. I was able to test out of the first math class. I took the second test before I had a chance to go over it with my tutor. I didn't do very well with the new material we didn't cover but after a few sessions I scored an 84 on my second attempt. At GPTL I learned great study skills and this has made homework easier. Great Place to Learn has been a cornerstone and confidence builder for me!"
Thomas Pittman
Connect your education with employment.

Combine academics, technical and workplace knowledge, skills and dispositions.
"Bobby, our son took the ASVAB and scored poorly. He was so disappointed that he  not qualify for the job he wanted.
... they worked with my son for three months. Bobby re-took the test and performed better than expected! He is now in the Air Force and very happy.
Thank you for helping my son realize his dream!"
Highslide JS
Individual Tutoring for Students of All Ages
Established 1990
"Attending Great Place to Learn has truly but just that. Having a rickety homeschooling background and spending five years serving in the military, starting school again was no easy endeavor. After nine years I had forgotten what it was like to be a student but, I knew I wanted a higher education. At twenty-six years old, having to revert back to the basics was a bit embarrassing at first. However, Deb did an excellent job with matching me up with the perfect tutor to ease me back into the process.  Katie's welcoming attitude makes her a joy to work with and her enthusiasm toward education has been captivatingly addictive. Her flexible schedule and willingness to explain has made these last two years not only bearable but a breeze. GPTL not only prepared me for college but kept me actively motivated to continue semester after semester."
Hi Deb,
I would like to say Kyra Dauwalder went above and beyond as my tutor. Microcomputer applications was a very challenging course due to the amount of work we had to cover in the semester. Kyra worked around my hectic schedule and was always punctual and ready to go. Kyra is extremely knowledgable in Microsoft Word and Excel and really took her time to show me all aspects of these disciplines. I would highly recoomend Kyra as a tutor!

Respectfully, David Adam Doeffler
Kat is a pro and has helped me significantly with my writing. It has been a pleasure working with her.  Feb. 15