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Why Choose Great Place to Learn?
Factors contributing to an increased need for professional tutors include higher education standards and accountability (MCAS), rising classroom sizes, increased demands on teachers, students and parents, and increasingly selective colleges.
Our Tutor Matches Are Successful
We conduct a rigorous selection process that includes background checks, reference checks, and personal interviews to match your student with the right tutor.
Our tutorials by certified teachers and professionals provide personal attention while incorporating multiple teaching strategies. Our teachers have prior significant teaching or tutoring experience.

Our tutors are certified teachers or professionals and use tutoring as a fun way to supplement their income and keep their skills sharp. Some are retired teachers and want to continue to help students in their spare time, and some are specialists in their chosen field with Master’s or Doctorate degrees who are also capable of one-on-one instruction.
Our tutors are hand-picked for a reason.
Often our tutors oversee homework completion and assist with other school projects while teaching organizational and study skills applicable to all disciplines. Both one-on-one and group sessions are available. We offer flexible hours, including afternoons, nights and weekends.
Once we make the match, we are not done. We make sure to keep in touch with everyone via phone or email contact on a regular basis.
We offer tutoring in all academic subjects at all levels, Wilson Reading System, Visualizing and Verbalizing, standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, MCAS) and Study Skills including Executive Function Skills.
Our teachers work to identify gaps and implement practical and proven strategies. We help them bring it together.
Great Need for Professional Tutors
"The SAT Program at Great Place to Learn is Extraordinary. The instructors helped my daughter hone her critical thinking skills, which resulted in her doing well on her SAT Exam. Without the tutoring sessions, she would have had trouble navigating through the time-sensitive test, primarily the math section. I highly recommend utilizing the SAT Program offered by Great Place to Learn if you want your child(ren) to have an edge when taking what many consider a stressful exam."
Donna Motta - Parent

"I was unsure whether I needed tutoring for the SAT exam in my senior year, but when I decided to go through the tutoring sessions at Great Place to Learn I realized how helpful the instructors were. They taught me 'tricks' on how to read the questions, and formulate answers for both the math and verbal sections. I'm glad I was able to work with teachers who helped me increase my SAT scores and get  accepted to my first college choice (Massachusetts College of Art)".
Katie Motta - Student
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